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OXIDATION HAIR COLOR CREAM. Hair Color of high covering content action to guarantee a natural hair, smooth and lasting. Reaching out brightness to the hair, luminosity and some lively shades. Covering inmediately the grey hair. Way of u se: Mixing on90 ml Cream Developer (regular scale) or on 120 ml (rinse scale). CAUTION: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. IMPORTANT: THE DYE MAY CAUSE AN ALLERGIC REACTION WHICH, IN SOME CASES, MAY BE SERIOUS. IT IS COMPULSORY TO ALWAYS REALIZE A CUTANEOUS ALLERGY TEST 48 HOURS PRIOR EACH USE OF THIS PRODUCT. Use appropriated gloves. In the case of skin reactions such as redness, itch or rash, rinse immediately and stop using. Prior to dye again the hair, consult a doctor and follow his instructions in order to avoid the possible increase of the reaction. “Black henna” temporary tattoos may increase the allergy hazard. This product is not designed for under 16s. Do not use the capillary dye: whenever you suffer from a face cutaneous rash or have a sensi ble, irritated or damaged scalp; whenever you already did experiment any type of reaction after the hair dyeing; whenever you already did experiment a reaction to “black henna” temporary tattoos. Contains Phenylenediamines (diaminotoluenes).Do not us e for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with abundant water. Well rinse the hair after application. For professional use only.