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Contains in his formulation extracts of seaweed with antioxidant and protecting properties, together with ingredients of vegetal origin, like the calendula or the Japanese cedar tree extract. Get a more hydrated, a brighter and a younger skin thanks to his formulation rich in active ingredients. Its continued use allows to defend your skin against the effects of ageing.

How to use

Apply everyday in the night on the clean skin, by gentle circular massages, until it is totally absorbed.

Active principles

UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA EXTRACT: Extract obtained from the gametophyte of the “Undaria Pinnatifida” seaweed. This extract is rich in antioxidant molecules, such as carotenes, clorophyll and triterpenes. It protects the mitochondrial DNA.

CRYPTOMERIA JAPONICA BUD EXTRACT: The extract of cryptomerias is rich in polyphenols, terpenoids and amino acids. It reactivates the cell renovator mechanism, acting at the epidermal level. It accelerates the regeneration, it restores the barrier function, it increases the hydration level and it improves the skin microrelief.
BIOSACCHARIDE GUM-2: This polysaccharides of biological origin is rich in rhamnose. The rhamnose acts on the skin, by redensifying it and increasing his firmness. Ir reduces rednesses, by providing a sense of relief and wellness.
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS FLOWER EXTRACT: The extract of the calendula flower is rich in oligosaccharides, which contribute to the procollagen and elastin production. It reduces the visible signs of ageing, it increases the skin elasticity and firmness and it smoothes the skin micro-relief.