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Description: DESCRIPTION:Astringent and decongestant ampoules which help the oily skins to rebalance, by fighting the excess of sebaceous excretion and regulating ...
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Astringent and decongestant ampoules which help the oily skins to rebalance, by fighting the excess of sebaceous excretion and regulating the skin’s condition.
Increases the superficial circulation by avoiding the occlusion of follicularvessels and the subsequent acne’s development (preventive and corrective treatment of the same).
- Fluid bio-sulphur: possesses keratoplastic, keratolytic, vasoconstrictor and anti-parasites properties, for it s recommended for treatments against hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.
Apply the ampoule by following the aesthetician or dermatologist’s instructions.
In case of infected acne, apply the ampoule’s content in a localzed way, upon the infected zone,by using for example a cotton bud.
It can be applied manually or by the means of electrical currents, for it is ionisable through its negative pole. The recommended exposure time is 10 minutes.
On oily/acneicskins, we recommend to apply the whole treatment in a beauty room.
As a general rule, follow the guidelines below. The frequency of the same will depend on the skin’s type and the existence of acne. However, in order for the treatment in the beaty room to be more effective and complete, i t is recommended to intensify it by the means of the daily application at home of the rest of postQuam’s products for mixt or oily skins.
Complete treatment’s application for oily skins:
Cleanseand invigorate with the Cleansing Milk and the Astring ent Tonic.
Seborrheic skin or mixt without acne: apply steam in order toease the pores’ opening and the further removal of the black heads.
Skin with acne: apply steam while realising apeeling (Exfoliating Peeling) in order to avoid acne’s expansion and mobilisation.
In order to ease the blackheads’ removal, use the Balancing Nourishing Cream that, thanks to its sulphured liposomes, absorbs the oily elements of the skin toward the exterior, easing the removing of fat without traumatisms.
Disin fect with the Tonic Astringent, by applying a damped compress for 10 minutes.
Inthe case of seborrheic but non acneic skin, apply the Exfoliating Peeling.
Balacing vals that facilitate the balance of oily skin by fighting the excess of sebum and controlling the state of the skin. They increase circulation, avoiding the occlusion of the follicular channels and thus the appearance of acne.

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