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Description: The massager takes advantage of the quadruple action of thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum therapy (negative vacuum) and massage to combat cellulit...
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The massager takes advantage of the quadruple action of thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum therapy (negative vacuum) and massage to combat cellulite.
The application of heat (thermotherapy) stimulates the catabolism of fats, that is, the conversion of large and complex molecules into simpler and smaller ones to obtain energy, it also benefits the oxygenation of cells and promotes circulation. Therefore, thermotherapy is an interesting ally to lose weight.
Magnetotherapy is a therapeutic treatment based on the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that biostimulate the cells of the body itself, oxygenate the blood of the treated area, helping to eliminate metabolites. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which helps reduce edema caused by poor lymphatic circulation. The result is firm and supple skin. This effect is used to combat not only cellulite.
Negative pressure vacuum (vacuotherapy) acts together with massage, thermotherapy and magnetotherapy, maximizing the remodeling and reconstructive effects, stimulates the elimination of fat deposits, improving the appearance of cellulite.
The massage stimulates circulation and promotes the drainage of accumulated lymphatic fluid, thus activating the elimination of metabolites, residues and toxins.

• Its ergonomic design for comfortable and easy use.
• It is portable and wireless.
• Ideal for legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen and arms.
• 6 suction levels.
• 6 heat levels.
• LED light indicators.
• Rechargeable by USB cable.
• Including replacement filters, clamps and plugs.
• Automatic power off: 25min.
• Easy to clean.
• Input: DC 5V / 2A.
• Battery: 3.7V / 1800mAh / 15W.
• Including USB to Micro USB cable: 2m.

Product Details

- Charge the device using the supplied USB cable.
- Clean the skin and apply plenty of body oil or lotion on it to help the device slide over the skin.
- Before each use, insert a filter using tweezers and replace the cap. Attach the second filter to prevent lotion from entering the massager.
- Press the power button; select with the left arrow the heat level and with the right arrow the desired suction level.
- IMPORTANT NOTE: start the massage with the lowest suction level and increase it, little by little, according to your needs; the magnetotherapy function is continued.
- Slide the massager over your skin making slow and continuous movements from top to bottom on legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen and arms.
- Once the massage is finished, turn off the device: it has an automatic shutdown after 25 min of use.
- Remove the filters and clean them with warm water after each use; let them air dry before using them again.