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Description: This ultra-fast rechargeable cordless shaver is a 5-in-1 multifunctional device for the face and body, incorporating a tilting shaving head with separ...
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This ultra-fast rechargeable cordless shaver is a 5-in-1 multifunctional device for the face and body, incorporating a tilting shaving head with separate shaving cells, a hair trimmer head, a nose and ear trimmer head, a silicone brush head and a cleaning head in one device. It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower and clean it easily. With its elegant and compact design, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

- 5-in-1 multifunctional shaver.
- Includes tilting shaving head.
- Includes hair trimmer head, nose and ear trimmer head.
- Includes nose and ear trimmer head.
- Includes silicone brush head.
- Includes head with a facial cleansing brush.
- Includes 3 cutting combs of 3.5 and 7 mm.
- Steel blades.
- Cordless.
- Ultra-fast battery charge: 60min.
- Battery life of 90 minutes.
- Includes USB charging cable.
- Easy to clean.
- Includes cleaning brush.
- Waterproof: IPX6
- 600mAh lithium battery.
- Input: 5V 1A
- Output: DC:3.7V 5W

Product Details

1. Press the ON/OFF button to start the shaver.
2. Move the shaving head quickly over the skin in straight lines and circles.

Cleaning the shaving head:
To ensure a better shaving effect, the shaver should be cleaned regularly. The easiest and most hygienic way to clean the product is to wash the shaving head and the temple tank under running water after each use.
1. Make sure the appliance is switched off.
2. The shaving head consists of 5 shaving cells. To open and clean each of these shaving cells, press on both sides of each cell (the place to press is indicated by a dotted relief on each side of each cell), to open the central cell, once the previous cells are open, just hold it and turn it to the left to remove it.
3. Clean the shaving head and the hair reservoir with the cleaning brush provided or under running water.
Make sure that the inside of the shaving head part and the hair reservoir have been thoroughly cleaned.
4. Wash the surface of the product.
5. Close the shaving head and remove any excess water.
Do not wipe the inside of the shaving cells with a towel or tissue, as this may damage the shaving head.
6. Reopen the shaving cells and allow the product to dry.

Changing the shaving head:
1. To remove a head, hold the body of the appliance with one hand, the head with the other hand and pull outwards.
2. Insert the desired head by doing the opposite step, pressing the head and the body (You will hear a click).

1. With the appliance switched off, insert the trimmer head into the device's body.
Note: Make sure the hair is clean and dry. Do not use the trimmer on wet hair.
2. Comb your hair toward growth before using the trimmer.
3. The comb attachments have two cutting lengths: 3mm and 6mm. Place the desired cutting length comb into the trimmer head, and ensure the attachments are securely in place. You will hear a click when it is in place.
4. Turn on the power switch. Run the trimmer slowly through the hair.
Note: For a good finish, slide the trimmer in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth.

Cleaning / Lubrication
1. Remove the precision trimmer head, use a brush to clean it, or wash the trimmer head under running water.
2. This appliance should be cleaned immediately after use.
3. For best use and to extend the life of this appliance, please add a bit of lubricating oil every three months.
Note: Lubricating oil is not included in this package. You must purchase it yourself.

Nose and ear hair trimmer

On Nose
1. Remove the current head and insert the nose trimmer into the upper shaver slot with the shaver switched off.
2. Press the nose trimmer head into the shaver body (you will hear a click).
3. Make sure the nose is clean.
4. Switch on the appliance, place the placement towards the inside of the nose and turn it to trim the hair.
Note: Do not exceed 5 mm trimmer length.
Tip: Bring one side of the trimmer tip close to the skin to reduce itching.

On ears.
1. Clean the outside of the ear, and make sure there is no earwax.
2. Switch on the appliance and turn the trimmer tip towards the ear to cut the long hair.
3. Slowly bring the tip of the trimmer towards the outside of the ear.
Note: Do not exceed 5 mm of trimmer tip length inside the ear.