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Description: PRESSOTHERAPY FUNCTIONS This device has been carefully designed to be used in aesthetics, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, oncology and angiology in...
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This device has been carefully designed to be used in aesthetics, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, oncology and angiology in order to drain and reduce venous and lymphatic edemas.
An activation of the (venous and lymphatic) circulation of return is produced, which stimulates the reabsorption of the interstitial fluids and the draining of these fluids towards the organic filters.

- The low frequency electricity can stimulate the muscle until a thrill or contraction effect decomposes a large amount of fat cells.
- The electrical pads placed in the exact points can adjust the function of the internal body by accelerating metabolism and preventing the formation of new fat cells.
- The infrared rays penetrate directly into the cell structure.
- The fat released generates a great amount of heat energy, which accelerates the blood and lymph nodes circulation, and also the metabolism by means of a biochemical reaction. This reaction consumes AIP and causes the fat cells catabolism, which favors the reduction of fat.
- The air bags inflate and deflate regularly with continuous pressure changes to dissociateand destroy fat cells.

When the ionic current stimulates the sensory nerves ended in epidermis, flaccid skin regains its elasticity and smoothness.
- Relaxing effect that benefits the immune system.
- The blood circulation is accelerated and muscles are refined due to the work microelectricity carries out over the body.
- The heat generated by the infrared rays alleviates the muscle tension and relaxes the muscles.
- Thedevice stimulates the absorption of the products used, which reinforces its curative power.
- Reduces swelling.

The muscle electrostimulation is the way to exercise the muscles by using electric impulses. These are generated and aplied by electrodes to the skin of the muscles that are to be stimulated. The impulses imitate the potential of action coming from the central nervous system, which causes the muscle contraction. The electrodes are enerally sticked on the skin. The EMS is a way of electrotherapy or muscle training. This technique is complementary to the sport training, and several studies related to it have been developed.

Thermotherapy is understood as the treatment of illnesses and injuries by use of heat. Therapeutic heat can be applied by radiation, by conduction or by convection. Different methods are used for this aim, from infrared radiation to paraffin application, and they can be applied on the surface or on deep tissue levels.
Thermotherapy is a valuable therapeutic tool for several traumatology and rheumatic processes, as one of its main inmediate effects is the relief of pain.

MODE A, a slight peristaltic massage will be obtained, it is particularly indicated during the maintenance phases or whenever an intensive massage is not necessary.
MODE B, an intensive peristaltic massage will be obtained, it is recommended to the persons needing a very intensive treatment, like featuring an evident presence of cellulitis, fat or general stasis of liquids.
MODE C, is for an intensive peristaltic pressure massage concentrated on the abdomen and thighs, this is recommended for clients with obvious cellulite or fat, in which the imperfection extends to the sides of the thighs and abdomen, and is presenting in soft form.
MODE D, is for a peristaltic pressure massage concentrated on the abdomen and arms, this is recommended for abdominal.

MODE A, it stimulates at thefrequency of 10Hz, mainly for light-flabby treatments or people for issensitive for electro stimulation.
MODE B, it stimulates at thefrequency of 20Hz, mainly for middle-flabby treatments.
MODE C, it stimulates at thefrequency of 30Hz, mainly for high-flabby treatments.
MODE D, it stimulates at thefrequency of 40Hz, mainly for heavy-flabby treatments.

- 5 big electrodes.
- 5 small electrodes.
- Fastening belt.
- 10 channels.
- 20 bags.
- 2 over-sleeves (arms).
- 2 boots-leg, adjustable to different body sizes (63cm long, 96cm top width, 66cm down width).
- 1 belt for abdomen and backside, completely adaptable, 130cm long.
- 1 saddlebag which protects and organises the hoses in practical pockets in the side of the stretcher. This allows for preserving the visual harmony of the clinic.
- Our accessories are equipped with high quality Velcro, which can be used with different sizes in wide o

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