PostQuam Cosmetic manufactures and markets cosmetic products for the professional beauty industry, as well as accessories, appliances, furniture, etc. In short, we are a global supplier of hairdressing and beauty centres.

PostQuam, created in Valladolid (Spain) in 1982, has been characterized from the outset for offering professionals quality products at the best price, sold directly from the Factory, without intermediaries, allowing us to compete with the best prices and take maximum care of quality.

In this spirit, PostQuam Cosmetic began to grow, first in Spain, then in Europe and now in other continents. Currently, there are 260 people in the Postquam Group team: chemists, hairdressers, sales staff, designers, etc. A wide range of high quality hairdressing and beauty products. Cosmetics, furniture, tools, everything the industry professional requires.


Beauty professionals in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland, and so on up to 65 countries, know about our products through our POSTQUAM catalogue. We send the catalogue to hairdressers and beauty centres periodically, and we make it possible for hairdressers, beauticians, teaching academies, gyms, spas, etc. to purchase our products by phone, mail, fax or through our website: /shop, whatever is easiest and more convenient for them, and receive them in a few days in the place of their choice. In this way and thanks to the service we offer, we have gained the trust of 180,000 people worldwide, 53,000 in Europe, who demonstrate their loyalty with their repeated orders.

Success was achieved with the PostQuam Cosmetic catalogue, which was well accepted in each of the European countries where we began marketing our products, and because of this success we decided to expand a bit further afield. In Spain alone, our products are purchased by 40,000 salons.

In late 2005, we started operating in Mexico and Poland, where we have 2 subsidiaries. In 2007, subsidiaries were established in Ukraine, Brazil, Belarus and Romania. The company’s advertising investment for 2010 was 5.1 million Euros. As for the rest of the world (Africa, Asia, etc.), we have a large number of distributors to help us make POSTQUAM achieve increasing recognition worldwide.

There are now 16 companies in PostQuam Group, present in 65 countries around the world, engaged in all areas of the world of beauty and hairdressing: manufacturing, training, furniture, software, etc.