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Description: Anti-ageing caviar facial cream that intensely nourishes the skin and provides extraordinary softness and comfort. Caviar extract is recognized for it...
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Anti-ageing caviar facial cream that intensely nourishes the skin and provides extraordinary softness and comfort. Caviar extract is recognized for its regenerating properties that help slow down the ageing process and activate skin renewal.

Formula enriched with almond oil and plant extracts that nourish the skin in-depth and restore its water balance. It provides vitality by making the skin look young, soft and luminous all day long.


  • Anti-aging and revitalizing.
  • Regenerating.
  • Intense nutrition and hydration

Tested under dermatological control.

Indicated for:

All types of skins.

Product Details

How do I apply it?

  1. With the face clean, apply the moisturizer from the center of the face and spread outwards.
  2. Then gently spread with your fingertips along the contour of the face avoiding the eye area. Repeat and spread until completely absorbed.
  3. Make small touches with your fingers paying special attention to wrinkles and expression lines.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

• Moisturizer.
• Promotes water absorption and retention.
• The skin recovers its elasticity, providing softness, texture and firmness.

Centella Asiatica Extract

• Improves skin hydration.
• Renews tissues and delays the appearance of wrinkles.
• Helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks.


• It is a flexible fiber that helps promote flexibility and retain necessary moisture in the skin.
• Provides elasticity, strength and firmness to the tissues.
• Indicated as an ingredient in anti-wrinkle treatments due to its high reaffirming power.

Helix Leaf Extract

• Relaxing and purifying properties.
• Ivy leaves contain a saponin complex which has a very effective anti-cellulite effect.

Caviar Extract

• Great capacity of cellular regeneration, contributing to reduce expression and age wrinkles, acting as a lifting.
• High firming power.
• Helps maintain hydration levels while providing vitamins and remineralization.

Extract Imperata Cylindrica

• Guarantees long-lasting hydration by continuously regulating the water balance of the skin cells.

Almond Oil

• High moisturizing power. Due to essential fatty acids is indicated for the hydration of sensitive skin.
• Its content of vitamins and minerals helps to regenerate tissues and promotes elasticity.
• It helps eliminate impurities and restore the skin's natural well-being.
• Combats the signs of ageing.

Trifolium Pratense Extract

• Red clover isoflavones. They have antioxidant activity.
• Regenerating properties for skin that has lost its vitality.

Vitamin E

• Great antioxidant power.
• Restores moisture while maintaining soft, supple and moisturized skin.
• Protects against the action of external agents and pollution that damage the skin.
• It provides elasticity to the skin and helps to reduce stretch marks and marks.



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