Description: Bring out your wild and rocker side!With the automatic crimping iron you can give a new style to your hairstyle in a very easy, fast and uniform...
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Bring out your wild and rocker side!
With the automatic crimping iron you can give a new style to your hairstyle in a very easy, fast and uniform way thanks to its latest generation technology that crimps the hair just by positioning the iron at the root of the hair. Rock&Crimp does it all for you, it automatically slides each strand between the plates from root to tip continuously thanks to its rotating crimping roller.
Forget about having to keep repositioning the iron.
Forget about uneven finishes.
Forget about the danger of burning or damaging your hair.

- Fast heat up to 210ºC.
- Automatic turning of the crimping roller occurs when the iron is closed for safe and comfortable use.
- The crimping rollers are ceramic and tourmaline for maximum hair care.
- The comb on the plate guides the hair for perfect crimping.
- Professional result: even and long-lasting.
- Cool touch tips.
- Plate locking system for storage.
- 360º swivel cord.
- LED power indicator light.
- Voltage: AC110-230V.
- Frequency: 50/60Hz.
- Power: 36W.

Product Details

ATTENTION: Do not use this appliance if you have hairspray or another type of spray or cosmetic in your hair. There is a risk of causing burns to the hair.
ATTENTION: This device reaches a temperature of 210ºC. Take care not to damage or burn your hair if it is very fragile or fine.
ATTENTION: Always connect the appliance to the power supply with the appliance switched off.
ATTENTION: NEVER turn on the appliance with the plates locked (closed).
This iron heats up quickly but cools down quicklier. Keep this in mind when you are done and are going to clean or put it away.
This appliance is provided with a LED light that will blink while it reaches the working temperature and will remain fixed once it reaches 210ºC.
1. Comb the hair
2. Take a lock of hair of approximately 4 cm.
3. One of the plates rotates automatically when you close the clamps, make sure it grips the iron in the correct position.
4. Place the lock of hair at the level of the root, taking care that none of the hot parts touch the skin.
5. Easy and comfortable use. You do not have to slide the iron yourself through the hair, the iron itself will move through the strand that you are crimping, which makes the result uniform, without jumps or uneven heat application.
6. Repeat the process with the rest of the hair.
7. When the job is done turn off the iron, unplug it and allow it to cool down before cleaning or storing.
Note: This iron will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of use. As a warning, the led lights will begin to flash after 55 minutes.