Description: 5 IN 1 SHAVER / TRIMMING MACHINE- Powerful and versatile - Wireless- Includes double cut shaving head.- Includes 3 clip-on trimming combs on...
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- Powerful and versatile
- Wireless
- Includes double cut shaving head.
- Includes 3 clip-on trimming combs on the 2 / 4 / 6 mm shaving head.
- Includes nose and ear trimmer head.
- Compact design and easy to carry.
- Powered by 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries (not included).
- Voltage: 3V. - Power: 2W.

Product Details


1. Place the shaving head on the appliance: insert the shaving head (align the arrows drawn on the shaving head and the body of the appliance and turn to the left so that the drawings on the arrow on the body and the stripe on the shaving head are aligned).
2. Switch on the product by pressing the on/off button.
3. Place the blade on the skin and move the product while pressing lightly.
Note: Make sure to keep the surface of the blade flat against your skin and always in contact with your skin.

To create neat edges and lines with the shaver, you can use either edge of the blade.
1. Position the edge of the blade perpendicular to the skin.
2. Make straight strokes while applying gentle pressure.

Turn off and clean the product after each use.
For best results, move the product against the grain.
Make long strokes on the skin while applying light pressure.
Use dry or with gel or foam.
Use with clean skin and hair for best results.

Trimming with combs.
The trimming combs allow you to trim hair to different lengths: 2 / 4 / 6 mm.
Start with the 6 mm comb to get practice with this product.
Fit the comb into the shaving head.
Make sure that the flat part of the comb is always in full contact with the skin for an even cutting result.
Since not all hairs grow in the same direction, you may want to try different trimming positions (i.e. upwards, downwards or across).
Trimming is easier when the skin and hair are dry.
1. Turn on the product.
2. Place the comb over the skin and move the product slowly against the grain.
3. Switch off and clean the product after each use.
4. To remove the comb, hold the comb on both sides and pull it out of the blade.

Nose / Ear Hair Clippers:
1 Place the head on the appliance.
2. Clean your nose or ears carefully with a warm, damp washcloth before using the machine. This will help to remove any dirt that may be in the holes. Also wipe the inside of the nose to reduce the sneeze reflex when trimming the hairs.
3. Place the appliance at the entrance of the orifice and turn it on. Start with the shortest hairs and hold until the hairs are no longer visible.
4. In case of using on the nose, please note that it is normal that sneezing or a slight watering of the eyes.
5. This appliance can be used for other areas such as the neck below the shaving line.

Clean the trimmer regularly.
The appliance should be switched off during cleaning.
The heads have rust-resistant stainless steel cutting blades that allow the attachments to be rinsed under running water, if desired. Do not get the body of the appliance wet.
Do not wash the attachments when they are connected to the trimmer.
Only after the unit has dried completely should the attachment be used.
Do not use harsh or corrosive cleaners on the unit or its accessories.
Do not apply pressure or hard objects to the attachments.

The trimmer requires 2 "AAA" 1.5 volt alkaline batteries to operate, do not use old or damaged batteries.
Installing / replacing batteries:
1. Unlock the battery compartment by sliding the cover down.
2. Replace the batteries as soon as the device starts to operate slower than normal.