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Description: The cream is a solution rich in vegetable oils and active ingredients that provide your skin with all the hydration, nutrition and repair it needs. It...
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The cream is a solution rich in vegetable oils and active ingredients that provide your skin with all the hydration, nutrition and repair it needs. Its formula rich in natural extracts will help reduce wrinkles and achieve a more hydrated and luminous skin. This cream is ideal for decreasing the signs of age and fatigue in your complexion.

Its formulation presents natural ingredients such as rosehip, aloe vera or vine extract together with ingredients of proven effectiveness such as hyaluronic acid, peptides or proteins.

The combination of teprenone with the firming active ingredient and hexapeptide has a powerful restructuring and firming function. Prevents premature ageing through the powerful antioxidant action of grape oil extract. Rosehip improves the skin's natural lipid barrier.


  • Toning, firming.
  • Anti-aging, antioxidant and revitalizing.
  • Intense nutrition and hydration.

Suitable for vegans.

Tested under dermatological control.

Indicated for:

All types of skins.

Product Details

How do I apply it?

  1. In the morning, with a clean face, apply the moisturizer from the centre of the face and extend outward.
  2. Then spread gently with your fingertips along the contour of the face, avoiding the eye area. Repeat and extend until completely absorbed.
  3. Make small touches with your fingers, paying special attention to wrinkles and expression lines.
  4. For greater effectiveness use in combination with the Resveraplus Facial Serum.

What is it made of?

Vitis Vinifera Fruit Extract

• Powerful antioxidant. It is high in vitamin E, resveratrol and bioflavonoids, making it an exceptional oil to counteract the signs of ageing.
• It is slightly astringent and is especially indicated for the treatment of oily skins.
• Helps release toxins from our body and favours the reduction of cellulite.


• Rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) and vitamins A, C and E.
• Attenuates blemishes and promotes uniformity of skin tone.
• Helps prevent and soften stretch marks.
• Its nourishing and emollient capacity is perfect for use as a facial serum for sensitive skin.
• Tones tired skin and visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Hyaluronic Acid

• Its formula progressively redensifies the skin.
• Provides intense and long-lasting hydration.
• Helps improve the appearance of the face by filling in wrinkles and expression lines.

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter

• Deeply hydrates nourish and improve skin elasticity.
• Great antioxidant power that prevents the appearance of wrinkles visibly decreasing the signs of ageing.
• Retains the moisture of the skin avoiding dehydration.
• Provides a silky effect to the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Especially recommended for dry and cracked skin with a tendency to flake.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

• A High content of vitamins, minerals and especially isoflavones with antioxidant properties.
• Innate ability to moisturize dry areas while decreasing excess fat in other areas.
• Improves skin firmness.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

• Rich in vitamins A, E, D, F, B complex, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and ceramides.
• Provides the skin with essential nutrients that strengthen its natural defences.
• High antioxidant power.
• Keeps skin radiant, elastic and hydrated.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

• Rich in vitamins and minerals.
• It is the largest natural repairer thanks to its high collagen and elastin content.
• Eliminates dead cells by thoroughly cleansing the skin.
• It acts regenerating the cells, hydrates and softens the skin.



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