Dear Customer.

We are living a time of uncertainty. Unfortunately, the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) means that we all have to be prepared to face extraordinary situations, where our daily lives are being affected.

At this time, our main concern and goal is to preserve the health of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Therefore, in Postquam Cosmetic we have prepared a Contingency Plan, adapting the structure and organization of the company to the current situation, trying to ensure the attention to all our customers, in the best and most responsible way.

To this end, we have implemented teleworking, so that all our employees, who are not absolutely essential for jobs that require physical presence, carry out their work from home, so that none of our clients distributed throughout the world are left unattended.

In the same way we have established different shifts, with strict prevention and hygiene rules for both our staff and external personnel who must necessarily come to our facilities (suppliers, transporters...), and who are responsible for the necessary tasks to be carried out in the warehouses to guarantee the supply.

Also in order to provide the services that our customers require, we maintain both the activity of our factory, as the logistics activity through our partners, who will adapt to the needs that we move, always respecting all the above on prevention measures adopted, and of course the rules that the authorities decree.

Although we understand this is a personal opinion, we do not share the recommendation that hairdressing professionals should be available for possible work at home, and we hope this measure will be limited or left at least to the discretion of those involved.

But in the meantime, in case you need to place an order, or need our Customer Service Department, we maintain our phone lines, as well as the chat and web page, so that you can process them, as far as possible, with the least possible inconvenience and in the same way as usual.

Adapting to the circumstances, being aware of the changes in needs, and trying to promote responsible consumption, we eliminate the minimum amounts for free shipping, as well as we offer to study the possibility of financing your purchases at no cost if you wish.

Postquam Cosmetic continues to work for its customers, and is at your disposal for any consultation you want to make.

We are convinced that with everyone's involvement this situation will gradually improve, and we will return to normal.

While this is happening, our mission is to try to provide you and your customers with the peace of mind you deserve.

Kind regards,